The Great Escape

June 2, 2015

[April’s Dodecaudax wasn’t interesting from a writing point of view, as I repeated the same route as February to Eastbourne and back via Brighton. I found a way of cutting out the unpleasant footpath section and all was well.]

Riding out of London through Epping Forest on a Sunday morning in a huge pack of riders is about as big as it gets in Audax terms, short of the ‘big one’ itself, Paris-Brest-Paris. That this was ‘just’ a run-of-the-mill 200km indicates how big a thing cycling is becoming in London these days, and we could take that for granted if we forgot that it wasn’t always this way. When I started cycling here in 2005 there were nothing like so many cyclists on the roads, I think it’s going in the right direction now but when you visit some continental European cities you see that it could still be so much bigger.

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