This is a bicycle travelogue. Its aim is to document the continuing process of discovery that being a cyclist brings about. Being is absolutely the right word. It works like this – if you feel like a lesser person on a day when not having access to a bicycle means that you have to walk, or worse, that you simply cannot make a journey you are a cyclist.
“Process of discovery”, meanwhile, only sounds transcendental by accident. I’m referring here to the little things you find out, subtle improvements to your pedallling action, ability to sense mechanical problems with the bike from the feel of the ride, etc. This is what being a cyclist teaches you. I am still quite an inexperienced one, but it strikes me that something all the best cyclists, mechanics, and bike builders I know about are quite aware that they’re still constantly experimenting, learning, discovering. Encouraged by a comment from a friend, I decided to put into practice an idea I’ve had for a while and to start writing about the process.
I’m aware that many blogs with the same purpose already exist. Here’s a link to my favourite one;

In the context of a whole internet of people with more knowledge, skill, time, and dedication than me, this site can absolutely only explain its presence by the phenomenon of graphomania that haunts this cyberspace.

The Tour of the Surrey Hills, by the way, was a formative cycling experience when undertaken with two club-mates back in 2006. You can see some information about its official version here;
and there’s a map here;

Cycle safely.



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